Why Choose Us

Global Reach Alliance for Community Empowerment, Inc (G.R.A.C.E), is a Florida non profit tax-exempt organization. Our mission is to strengthen and develop communities through sustainable projects, providing food security, holistic health care, education and livelihood.


Our efforts are focused on providing services directly for children, as well as assistance to families who often struggle to overcome the many challenges.These services are mostly on the financial, but also include intervention, advocacy and medical referrals. Working in conjunction with all other organizations, We strives to fulfill most, if not all, of our children’s needs.


At G.R.A.C.E we help communities in the most impoverished areas locally and in the third world countries. So far, we have projects in Colombia (Barranquilla and Cali) and in India. We help communities in need, especially women, children and elders. We partner and support with organizations to provide services and resources.